JA Summer Achievers summer school by Junior Achievement Cyprus was held for the first time with great success.

JA Summer Achievers lasted one week between 26/6-30/6  in Nicosia at the offices of Junior Achievement Cyprus and one week in Limassol from 3/7-7/7 at the Blue Economy Innovation Centre, where the space was filled with children’s smiles and voices.

The Summer School aimed at girls and boys aged 11-13 to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit and help them develop entrepreneurship and innovation skills, which are particularly important for their subsequent choice of studies and their overall success in the labor market. The children had the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, who shared with them their own experiences on how you can have your own idea that positively impacts the world and make it happen.  In Limassol, Stephanie Gregoriou, a volunteer and activist in African villages, inspired the children with her action, while in Nicosia Michalis Tyrimos enhanced the children’s spirit with his action and work in the field of technology and entrepreneurship.

This summer trip included creative games, teamwork exercises, memory-strengthening techniques, and much more.  The children were given 4 topics, related to environmental and social challenges such as fires, marine pollution, poverty/hunger and traffic problems.

The children were divided into groups and after choosing the topic they preferred, they started working, giving an entrepreneurial solution. They came up with their idea, created their business plan and made their own presentation.

On the last day, the children had the opportunity to present their entrepreneurial ideas in front of their parents. The solutions they proposed were excellent.  It is very important to lay a solid foundation at a young age on how to develop their creative and entrepreneurial thinking.

We would say that the future is very optimistic.

For more information visit www.jacyprus.org website  or contact Emily Sotiriou (phone: 97-715909, email emily.sotiriou@jacyprus.org)