Six innovative ideas to help tackle cancer challenges were presented by young people as part of the Beyond Pre-Accelerator programme

Six innovative ideas to help tackle cancer challenges were presented by young people as part of the Beyond Pre-Accelerator programme

Six student teams from different nationalities and specialties pooled knowledge, produced work and presented their business models and products to the public during the Beyond Pre-Accelerator Demo Day held on Thursday, June 13th, 2024 at Theatro Polis – OPAP, in Nicosia.

Students, academics and representatives of the business world attended the presentations of the teams and had the time to talk with the teams, explain in detail their product or service and of course see it in practice since most teams created their product in the simplest commercial form (MVP).

The key to increasing the value provided to healthcare, patients and the health system are students’ ideas. Briefly the descriptions of the products/services of the teams:

Matakia designs user-friendly and cost-effective tools for parents, caregivers and doctors to raise awareness of childhood eye diseases. These tools allow for easy eye exams at home, incorporating interactive elements that engage children and facilitate enjoyable exams. Matakia helps parents detect potential health problems early, spreading awareness about childhood eye cancer and other abnormalities.

FUSVET has developed a tumor elimination device for the veterinary market and can be used in veterinary hospitals by qualified veterinarians.

Pic-Edu aims to develop educational material using illustrations for the prevention of problems faced by cancer patients due to chemotherapy. The material is developed through participatory design with the collaboration of researchers, healthcare professionals, graphic designers and patients, and can be converted into a mobile app or content for social networks.

Dreamers is developing a platform with personalized learning modules on cancer basics, treatment options, side effect management, and mental wellness. The platform will include engaging videos, quizzes and forums for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, fostering a supportive community and enabling users to make informed treatment decisions and improve their quality of life.

BioNanoTec aims to develop new software that uses Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for rapid cancer diagnosis by recognizing nanomechanical signatures in fresh tissue incisions and biopsies. This approach promises to significantly reduce diagnosis time from days to a few hours, paving the way for personalized cancer treatments based on the mechanical properties of the tumor.

Preventa is a personalized health app that monitors and analyzes health metrics, using artificial intelligence to prevent non-communicable diseases. With integration with smart devices, it offers continuous health monitoring and promotes a proactive approach to improve well-being.

Junior Achievement Cyprus with the kind sponsorship of Novartis Pharma Services Inc.  Cyprus and with the support of 10 partners/organizations: Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Cocoon Creations, CYENS Centre of Excellence, Cyprus Federation of Patient Associations (OSAC), Cyprus Oncology Society, Cyprus Seeds, Gravity Ventures, Idea Innovation Centre, Karaiskakio Foundation, Kinisis Ventures, implemented for the second time in Cyprus the Beyond Pre-Accelerator programme which aims at students and young people to propose solutions for Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Treatment, Psychosocial support, Reintegration and Palliative Care, Case Recording and Cancer Archive and Cancer Research.

The Beyond Pre-Accelerator programme is a bridge between entrepreneurship training programmes implemented at universities or by other institutions and specialized Incubators and Accelerators (Business Idea Incubators and Startup Accelerators). Essentially, students of all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD) are guided through the programme to develop their own business ideas in the health sector, going as far as creating a product in the simplest commercial form (Minimum Viable Product).

Junior Achievement Cyprus is a member of the global non-profit organization JA Worldwide and specializes in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and labor market education.  More information can be found on website or contact the Organization’s staff at 97-715909.

Novartis AG is a Swiss, multinational, innovative, pharmaceutical company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Novartis Pharma Services Inc. Cyprus is the local representative and has been active in the country since 2009. Our purpose is to redefine medicine to improve and prolong people’s lives. We use innovative science and technology to address some of society’s most difficult healthcare issues. We discover and we are developing innovative therapies and finding new ways to bring them to as many people as possible. Our medicines reach more than 250 million people worldwide. More information can be found on the or company’s local Facebook page