Six innovative products that address the challenges in the field of cancer were presented by students in the framework of the Beyond Pre-Accelerator programme

Despite the challenges of the current period, the enthusiasm of the students for contributing to the confrontation of the challenges in the field of cancer remains undiminished. Six student groups from different nationalities and specialties combined their knowledge, skills and and presented their business models and products to the public, during the Beyond Pre-Accelerator Demo Day held on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at Shacolas Training Center (Medical School) of the University of Cyprus.

Students, academics and representatives of the business world attended the presentations of the student teams and had the time to talk to the students. They experienced in detail the product or service of each team and of course they had the opportunity to see the students’ products in the simplest commercial form (MVP).  The ideas of the students are the key to enhance the local as well as the worldwide healthcare systems.

Briefly the products and services descriptions:

ECANTO is a platform that aims to create a supportive community around cancer by promoting positive role models, interviews with health professionals and care packages.

Diligens has developed software in which images from biopsies will be analyzed using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The software identifies suspected areas of carcinogenesis and assists histopathologists in analyzing tissue samples. Diligens’ goal is not only to reduce the biopsy analysis time but also to increase the accuracy of the procedure, improving the experience of both patients and users.

Knights Rest aims to improve sleep in patients with head and neck cancer who are at high risk of developing aspiration pneumonia. Specifically, their product is a mattress that meets the needs of the patient and through measurements automatically adjusts the resting angle.

MammoCheck gives the opportunity to women to be screened for breast cancer at home through a painless and harmless method, using a thermal camera.

Cancivoc aims to develop a non-invasive, cost-effective breath analysis test for colon cancer.

HPF develops an application and a product aimed at improving the daily life of patients with end-stage cancer by providing assistance to doctors and nurses. The application records patients’ pain levels and the product collects specific biomarkers in a patient’s saliva to detect pain.

Junior Achievement Cyprus with the kind sponsorship of Novartis Oncology Cyprus and with the support of eight partners / organizations: The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, the Karaiskakio Foundation, the Cyprus Oncology Society, the Cyprus’ Patients Associations Federation, IDEA Creations, Cyprus Seeds and the CYENS Center of Excellence, implemented for the first time in Cyprus the Beyond Pre-Accelerator program which aims to offer students solutions for Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Treatment, Psychosocial Support, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Incidents and Cancer Archive and Cancer Research.

The Beyond Pre-Accelerator programme is a bridge between entrepreneurship training programmes implemented in universities and specialized Incubators and Accelerators. Essentially, students of all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and different backgrounds, medicine, IT, Business, Engineering and other create multidisciplinary groups and are guided to develop their own business ideas in the field of health, up to the creation of a minimum viable product.

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