Participation of JA Cyprus in the World Conference on Culture and Arts Education 2024

As part of the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education (Abu Dhabi, 13-15 February 2024),  Junior Achievement Cyprus, the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO, Junior Achievement Europe, UNESCO Regional Office in Havana – Transcultura Programme, Istituto Marangoni and Lasalle | University of the Arts Singapore, jointly organise a side event on the topic “Cultivating Creativity: Empowering and Nurturing Innovators in Cultural and Creative Industries”. The event, consisting of a panel discussion and a photographic exhibition, will take place on 14 February 2024, 13.30-14.30, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (Conference Room B1, ground floor).

The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) play a pivotal role in fostering innovation, economic growth, and societal well-being. To ensure sustainable growth within this sector, it is important to promote education and skills development with a strong emphasis on ethical values, thus investing in a cultural industry that not only thrives economically but also enriches the fabric of society.

The panel discussion seeks to address the critical role of education in CCI, in empowering the next generation of creative minds to contribute positively to the cultural sector, fostering an environment of innovation, inclusivity, and integrity. The discussion will consider interdisciplinary skills development and entrepreneurship in CCI; ethical implications related to access, innovation, community engagement and well-being; multi-stakeholder collaboration connecting youth with cultural professionals and experienced actors in the cultural industries, to bridge gaps and offer holistic learning experiences.

Alongside the discussion, a photographic exhibition will be presented, showcasing the best practices of the programme, Transcultura: Integrating Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union through Culture and Creativity, implemented by the UNESCO Regional Office in Havana, with generous funding of the European Union. The programme aims to leverage the rich cultural diversity of the Caribbean to turn it into a driver of sustainable development, through cooperation and exchange within the region and with Europe. It also seeks to professionalize the cultural and creative sector in the Caribbean and to create opportunities for entrepreneurship, socio-economic projects and collaboration in cultural and creative sectors, heritage and tourism. The exhibition will feature the main activities and results of the Transcultura programme since its launch, with a focus on highlighting its impact on young beneficiaries.

The overall objective of both the discussion and the exhibition is to inspire educators, policymakers, and industry stakeholders to collectively invest in promoting education in the Cultural and Creative Industries to unlock the full potential of young minds, fostering a new generation of artists and innovators who not only create captivating content but also thrive as entrepreneurs with ethical values in the dynamic world of creativity.

Antigoni Komodiki, CEO of JA Cyprus states:

“We are proud of the excellent cooperation we maintain with the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO. Through our actions we change Cyprus, promote culture among young people and enhance youth’s motivation to choose a career in the field of Cultural and Creative Industries. The UNESCO World Conference on Culture and the Arts is a first-class opportunity to present the educational initiatives of our joint engagement in Cyprus, to Ministers worldwide, national delegations and the public.”


Agenda and List of Speakers

Opening Remarks

Mr. Ernesto Ottone Ramírez, Assistant Director-General for Culture of UNESCO 


Panel discussion

Moderator: Antigoni Komodiki, CEO Junior Achievement Cyprus
Part A: Building bridges to empower the next generation of creative minds

  • Diana Filip,Deputy CEO & Chief Development Officer of Junior Achievement Europe
  • Paolo Montemurro,Director of Materahub
  • Alessandra Borchi,Transcultura Programme Coordinator, UNESCO Regional Office in Havana

 Part B: Partnerships and networks promoting Education in Cultural and Creative Industries

  • Elena Marinoni, Director of Education Istituto Marangoni Dubai
  • Massimo Casagrande, Post Graduate Programme Leader, Istituto Marangoni Paris, ONLINE
  • Woo Yen Yen,Programme Leader, MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice, School of Creative Industries, LASALLE | University of the Arts Singapore
  • Stavros V. Kyriakides,Managing Director of Kyriakides Piano Gallery; Steinway & Sons representative in Cyprus, President of Avantgarde Cultural Foundation
  • Thekla Papantoniou,Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO