«mind REsetters of the Year 2023 – 2024» JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT CYPRUS Finale and Ceremony Awards

We invite you to the final competition and the award ceremony of the Annual Competition “mind REsetters of the Year 2023 – 2024” organized for the 3rd year by the organization Junior Achievement Cyprus and will take place on 09 February 13:00 – 17:00, at the POED building .

The event will be open to all who are interested in discovering the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of the promising new generation. It is the culmination of the efforts of more than 345 students, aged 10-14, who have created innovative products and services.

At the event, the ten finalist student companies, out of the 85 created under the “mind REset” program, will present their innovative business ideas publicly and in front of a specialized jury. Two teams, one from the primary school level and one from the high school level, will claim the title “mind REsetters of the Year 2023 – 2024”, where they will gain an educational experience abroad.

Come enjoy the finalists in action!

Reserve your spot at info@jacyprus.org.

The student companies were created within the framework of the “mind REset” program, which is a fun and interactive program that offers a series of 5 lessons to students in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school and 1st and 2nd high school. Junior Achievement Cyprus in collaboration with the company Lidl Cyprus implement the program free of charge in public and private schools all over Cyprus. The program is approved by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

For more information, visit our website www.jacyprus.org or contact the programme manager, Marios Kakouris, phone: 99203701 or email: marios.kakouris@jacyprus.org.