Entrepreneurship in Preparatory Apprenticeship School

“They listened carefully to my business idea, found it interesting and gave me useful tips so that I could implement it.”

Student of Preparatory Apprenticeship School.

Junior Achievement Cyprus staff together with mentors coming from MetLife Cyprus visit every year the Preparatory Apprenticeship Schools. Preparatory Apprenticeship Schools give this valuable second chance to young people who have left the Gymnasium to re-enter the educational process. It is a flexible innovative program, which aims to address school dropout and enable young people to integrate into an alternative learning structure.

The programme aims at students aged 14-16, who have not completed the 9-year compulsory education and gives them the opportunity to be admitted to the Preparatory Apprenticeship, but also to re-integrate into the standard educational system.

The Preparatory Apprenticeship Schools do not aim at acquiring specialization for immediate vocational direction, but mainly function as a safety, protection, and support network for young people. In addition, another goal of the school is to help the students to discover and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for their professional integration, as well as to maintain their balance in relation to the wider social environment in which they belong.

JA Cyprus’s contribution to Larnaca and Nicosia schools was made through the “Economics for Success” programme. The aim is primarily to encourage and praise these young people who have returned to school on their own choice. To inspire them and give them the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills, so that they can manage their personal finances, believe in themselves, and convey the message that in life they have incredible opportunities and possibilities, which are at their hand to exploit.

The student’s involvement with the programme inspired them to come up with ideas for possible businesses they could set up in the future, and they asked JA to support them in this endeavor. They obviously found meanings and answers to what they have learned, but also a way to make their dreams come true. The fact that students seek JA support is our greatest reward.

The programme will continue with the support of teachers and volunteer mentors from MetLife Cyprus. With the completion of the programme, technological equipment was delivered for the needs of the schools.