Maintaining sustainability and giving entrepreneurial programmes a green direction, has been a worldwide priority for the last decades. Junior Achievement Organisations of Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal and Cyprus and the Environmental organization Rohetiiger SA (Green Tiger Foundation) join forces to create engaging curriculum to highlight the importance of the green aspect in every new product or service that is suggested. The programme will have a duration of 3 years (2021-2024).

The project is focused on making a pivot in entrepreneurship education. All Junior Achievement programs are using active learning methods in teaching entrepreneurship. Still entrepreneurship studies have not been substantially enriched with the green aspect. Students should consider the impact of business to the environment as it is discussed for years. Big companies are already making changes in their business procedures such as the production, marketing, etc. Also, entrepreneurship programs are involving environmental aspects into their studies, but it has to be done more thoroughly and in a more integrated way, with real activities which have more deep impact on young future business leaders.

For achieving the goals, partners had their first virtual meeting in November 2021. The meeting was devoted in setting the action plan of the partnership and the dates of the next meetings. On-line work will take place during the next months until the second meeting of the project that will take place in Lithuania in March 2022.