mind REset: The new educational, environmental programme of JA Cyprus

The programme is implemented in collaboration with Lidl Cyprus and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.

A press conference dedicated to the new environmental programme mind REset was held by Junior Achievement Cyprus in collaboration with ‘Lidl Cyprus’ and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth . Within this framework, representatives of institutions and the media had the opportunity to get acquainted with the objectives of the new, modern environmental ideas development programme.

The conference was greeted by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Mr. Prodromos Prodromou, who stated “the development of a culture that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in young people is something we need. The sustainability of economic activity is what we bet on nowadays. We begin with immediate actions, such as drastically limiting the use of plastic in our everyday life, as well as joining forces towards on a more general approach to environmental awareness. Through the mind REset programme, we’re addressing children, thus shaping the personality of a conscientious and environmentally conscious citizen, but also that of the potential future entrepreneur, with respect towards the natural environment and in the context of sustainable development”.

On behalf of Junior Achievement Cyprus, the President of the organisation, Andreas Papadopoulos, said that “through this new programme we’re contributing to the development of young people’s skills with regards to the protection and preservation of the environment. We’re particularly honoured to have been given the opportunity to implement this programme through our new Strategic Partner, Lidl Cyprus, which is a leader in taking actions towards the protection of the environment”.

Mind REset was designed to enable students in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school and the first and second grades of high school to identify the consequences of the use of plastic in everyday life and to propose practical and sustainable solutions, which will contribute to the overall protection and preservation of the environment.

As stated by Antigoni Komodiki, CEO of JA Cyprus, “the change of attitudes towards the activation of a circular economy starts at school. Considering there is a need to provide information and experiential experiences to children on important environmental issues, the programme is being introduced at the right time ”.

As for Lidl Cyprus, the importance of the programme was pointed by Vasiliki Adamidou, Head of Communication and Corporate Responsibility, who said that “the mind REset programme reflects our business know-how which allows us to pursue successful and responsible initiatives. Through this programme, we would like to inspire the new generation, the leaders of tomorrow, to develop their critical thinking and be responsibly equipped for a better tomorrow, with a greater environmental awareness and less plastic.” The ideas submitted under the programme will be aligned with one of the five fields of action of the Schwarz Group’s international strategy for plastic, REset Plastic.