Ignium at the JA European “Company of the Year” Competition 2016

Ignium, the mini-company that represented Cyprus at the JA European “Company of the Year” Competition, held between 25 and 28 July 2016 in Lucerne, Switzerland, garnered warm applause from the audience. Over 200 students gathered to celebrate the top 36 student companies from across Europe, that competed as part of JA Europe’s flagship JA Company Programme.

SubReader, the student-company from Denmark, strongly impressed the jury with their strong business concept and were crowned the winners. Their app helps dyslexic people to read subtitles on international TV and movies aloud. It operates independently of TV or other media and does even not require any setup. The 2nd place was awarded to the student-company from Slovakia, Irdify, while the performance by Enlighten Hope, the student-company from the UK, secured them 3rd place.

Signature Awards

  • ‘AT&T Excellence in IT Award’ recognises the student-company that demonstrates the best innovation-driven concept, with strong business potential and sustainability, as well as viability and scalability.

Winner: Team Oculus, Romania

  • ‘Citi Client Focus Award’ recognises student enterprise that excel at creating value for their clients, listening to their clients and walking in their shoes to understand their world, anticipating and serving their changing needs.

Winner: Update UF, Sweden

  • ‘FedEx Access Award’ is given to a JA student company which has the most comprehensive understanding of global trade and related concepts. The students must show they grasp the global nature of today’s business world.

Winner: FormUp, Belgium

  • ‘MetLife LifeChanger Award’ recognises student companies which best embraces the concepts social impact, financial performance and innovation in their business strategy while remaining a realistic plan in today’s marketplace.

Winner: SmileyBin, Greece

Caroline Jenner, CEO for JA Europe, shared: “The JA Company Programme has existed since 1919 and continues to inspire thousands of young people year after year. It is global (120 countries) and driven by local partnerships between businesses and schools; a unique real-world programme that develops young people’s entrepreneurial competences, financial capability and builds key skills for the workplace. JA Company Programme alumni are twice more likely to start a business later on than non-participants and are less likely to be unemployed.”

Although Ignium did not manage to gain a place among the top winners, their strong effort rendered them winners in our heart! After all, it is journey that counts…