9 Years of JA Cyprus presence and offer

Welcome to the new academic year 2021/22!

For our organization, a new year means new challenges, new goals, creativity, offering.

Concluding last season, despite the difficulties and adversities, we were given the opportunity to realize that the will and the unremitting effort can overcome any obstacle and create new solutions.

Looking back now we feel very satisfied that we managed, both us and the students who participated, to carry out together eight entrepreneurial programmes.

These programs not only provided fantastic experiences and knowledge to our students, but also a hope for the future and the society. We have developed our students’ skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, self-efficacy, problem solving, communication and social skills, risk management, adaptability and negotiation.

The aim this year is the progress and development of children, through entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness.

We wish, therefore, this year to be even more productive and creative than the previous ones for all of us, with fewer difficulties and more opportunities. Let us all set our goals together, and let us achieve them together.