Three awards for Junior Achievement Cyprus at the European Entrepreneurship Festival Gen-E

The largest and most important European Entrepreneurship Festival, GEN-E, took place from June 29, 2021 to July 15, 2021. Organized by Junior Achievement Europe and Junior Achievement Lithuania, 20 and 41 countries participated in the European competitions of StartUp and Company Programme respectively. The teams of Cyprus, Eleutho Diagnostics and Cipen, not only worthily represented our country but also received important awards.

Moody’s Trailblazer and JA Alumni Leadership Awards for the Cypriot Student Company “CIPEN”.

Cipen student company of the American Academy of Larnaca won two honorary awards in the following categories:

Moody’s Trailblazer Award – Trailblazer is considered the business idea and the team that initiates in their field of specialization. As leaders, they show the way, take the risk, and create new paths for others. The Moody’s Trailblazer Award is given to the idea with the most forward-thinking, principled, and the idea that creates the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Leadership Award from the European Junior Achievement  Europe Alumni for the Marketing and Communication Manager of the student company, Stefani Symeonides.

The idea of ​​Eleni Apostolou, Danai Larkou and Stefani Symeonides impressed the jury of the main prize and the Signature awards making us proud.

The student company Cipen recycles cigarette butts and turns them into ink for refillable pens. Cigarette butts are very harmful to the environment, as they release toxic chemicals and create microplastic pollution. The idea of ​​Cipen aims to change the world and introduce the alternative, where something so harmful turns into something useful for everyday use. Using only natural ingredients, the ink is eco-friendly and aims to replace other inks on the market. This ink can be placed on any type of pen or ink bottle.

Speaking about the huge success of Cyprus, the CEO of the Organization, Antigoni Komodiki mentioned “The efforts made by the Junior Achievement of Cyprus to enhance entrepreneurship in children and youth have begun to flourish. After the huge success of last year with the win of the 1st Place in Europe in the European Enterprise Challenge, this year we manage to win three big Awards. Congratulations to our great representatives and many thanks to our network of partners who have been supporting the Organisation for many years. ”

Digital Innovation Award for the Cypriot student company “Eleutho Diagnostics”.

The Cypriot team “Eleutho Diagnostics”, of the University of Cyprus, won an honorary prize, achieving its award for the most Innovative Digital product.

The idea of Eleni Tovletian, Giorgos Pafitis, Rafael Frixou and Panagiotis Prokopis, for the diagnostic prediction of premature birth surprised the Avanade jury, as they considered the product as the most innovative, with the greatest possibility of expansion and growth prospects in the international market.

The students mentioned : “As ELEUTHO Diagnostics we are extremely grateful for the opportunity that JA Europe and JA Cyprus gave us, to represent Cyprus in the European Entrepreneurship Festival. We are also extremely proud to be coming home, albeit virtually, with the Avanade Digital Innovation Award, and we are committed to making digital innovation a key part of our mindset and culture.”

The teacher of the team, Dr. Daina Nicolaou stated: “Great success for the team of Eleutho and Cyprus. This is a result of creativity, knowledge, and hard work to complete all the deliverables of the competition. The catalytic role of Junior Achievement Cyprus, the jury, and the people who in various ways sculpted what Eleutho is today. Well done to the children and the mentors who support them. An exceptional case revealing that when the sciences merge, in this case, the Department of Business Administration and Public Administration and the Department of Engineering of the University of Cyprus, everything is possible for the benefit of society. A victory for the premature babies and their parents as well, as the Medical community is struggling to help them. ”

ELEUTHO Diagnostics is a biotechnology start-up that seeks reliable prediction of preterm birth using artificial intelligence models and EHG sensors. With the application of artificial intelligence, their online platform can become the main tool of gynecologists and doctors for predictions based on data and not just experiences. A pioneer idea in the healthcare market.

Congratulations to the Cypriot teams for the amazing work, dedication, creativity and enthusiasm.

Junior Achievement Cyprus (JA Cyprus) is an educational organization, a member of the global non-profit organization Junior Achievement Worldwide. It specializes in youth education programmes in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and skills required by the labor market. The programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful professional career.

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