FIJI FERTILISER Company of the Year 2018 Winner


FIJI FERTILISER is the Company of the Year 2018 Winner

Like every year and continuing its unrelentless efforts to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in schools, Junior Achievement Cyprus (JA Cyprus) hosted the 2018 Company of the Year Competition Finale. The Finale that was attended by over 350 guests, represented the culmination of the efforts of 420 students, aged 15-18, who created and ran their own student company over the past school year. The competition proved that young students not only have original ideas but can also run a successful business.

During this special event, 10 finalists – out of 54 student companies created under the JA 2017-2018 Company Programme – pitched their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of judges in an attempt to secure the title of ‘Company of the Year‘. Apart from the main title of ’Company of the Year‘, and the first and second runner-up awards, the student entrepreneurs received signature awards for their achievements in key areas of entrepreneurial activities.

This year, the title of “the Company of the Year” went to FIJI FERTILISER a student company from the G C School of Careers. The company, created a liquid, organic fertiliser completely made of flushed out seaweed found on island’s shores. The chemical composition of seaweed makes Fiji an ideal stimulator of growth, helping plants to flourish and prosper.

Stemcil, a student company from the Junior and Senior School Nicosia, came second in the contest. Stemcil team created pencils composed of magazine paper. The life of this pencil is extended to a plant to support the environment and allowing you to keep it forever, aiming to reduce the levels of deforestation. A traditional pencil, basic in its use but revolutionary in its ending.

Under my care is a project by students from the English School Nicosia which was ranked third. The team members produced a unique monitoring device installed in a soft band that alerts users as soon as something out of the ordinary is detected regarding to their health.

Present at the event were Dr Stelios Chimonas from the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mr Costas Christofides the Deputy General Manager of the Federation of Employers and Industrialists, Ryubun Kojima the Vice President of Europe JCI, as well as a number of executives from the industry and business scene of Cyprus.

FIJI FERTILISER will travel to Belgrade, Serbia on 16th of July 2018 to represent Cyprus at the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition.