Commencement of the 5th year of the Company Programme

More than 600 students participated in our organization’s Company Programme, especially after the results of recent research that show that students who have taken part in the programme are likely 50% more likely to start their own business and 20% more likely to be employed in the future.

Students enrolled in the program for the school year 2017-2018 will have the opportunity to certify their skills through the Entrepreneurship Self-Assessment Platform. Students who will answer two questionnaires before and after participating in the program will be able to obtain the Certificate.

In his context, the Mentor training of the Company programme was also held. Training took place at the offices of our strategic partner PWC on 12th  October 2017. Our CEO, Eloiza Savvidou, made a detailed presentation of the program to more than 50 mentors.

The presentation followed a debate, led by experienced mentors, such as Zina Vardaki (AstroBank) and Leoni Kyprianidou (PWC), who shared their experiences with other attendees.