Apply for Your Entrepreneurial Skills Pass!

Dearest students don’t miss this opportunity!

We strongly encourage you to register for the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass Certificate (ESP).  ESP is an international qualification that certifies that a young person has had a real entrepreneurship experience and has gained the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to start a business or to be successfully employed.

Successful participation in the ESP increases the chances of students being admitted into universities of their choosing, as well as the achievement of their professional goals.

This year the LeanStart offers 4 full scholarships (worth 275 Euros each) and four 50% scholarships (worth 137.50 Euros each) for a 7-day Summer Program to Junior Achievement students who have taken part in the 2016-2017 Company Programme and who have applied to sit the ESP Exam.

You can still register for the exam via email to  with your 1) name 2) school and 3) date of birth, by June 5th 2017. In order to qualify for the exam you need to complete the second self-assessment questionnaire by June 5th.  The questionnaire is available online both in English and in Greek

The exam will be offered online in the last week of June and is available in both the Greek and English language.  The cost for registration is €35+VAT.  Payment instructions as well as time and dates when the exam will be offered will be emailed to students who express interest.  The exam consists of approximately 30 questions (multi-choice questions as well as short answers/calculations).

The duration of the exam is 45 minutes.

All information about the exam can be found at (User Name: ESP_Teachers_en Password: English_Teachers_Toolkit)


Useful documents: