CONSTANTINOS VRACHIMIS: Entrepreneurship education should begin at a young age

Dr. Constantinos Vrachimis, Product Development and European Matters Unit Manager, Cooperative Central Bank, shares with us his first experience as a JA Cyprus mentor during the pilot of the “More than Money” Programme in primary schools.

1. Is it important that entrepreneurship education begins at a young age?  

International academic research reveals that entrepreneurship and financial management education in youth is positively linked with student behavior and decision-making when they reach adulthood (it is likely that they will save money, manage their resources more effectively, have fewer debt problems, etc).

2. How would you evaluate the performance of the students who took part in the Programme? 

The students have surprised me with their ability to integrate the concepts that I explained to them and to combine these concepts with their daily experiences. In every session, students utilized the knowledge gained during the previous sessions. As a result, they were able to develop and enrich their knowledge base.

3. What was the most memorable moment during the Programme? 

The most memorable moment was during our last class when the students thanked me for the knowledge and insight I provided them, as well as the time I spent with them.

4. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter?  

It was challenging to develop the teaching materials; particularly, finding a way to explain complicated concepts in a simple and understandable manner and to provide easy examples. I have to say that the teaching materials offered by JA Cyprus were extremely helpful.

5. Can we talk about a mutual learning experience? 

Yes, absolutely! It was a great opportunity for me to realize how a student understands terms that adults use in their daily routine, as well as how I should guide my own children as regards entrepreneurship and financial literacy issues.

6. Could you please describe your first experience as a JA Cyprus mentor in three words?

Fun, satisfying, rewarding!